The seven best italian startup

startupIt’s true, there’s a recession , there has been the longest economic crisis in history and now there is this slow recovery.

Then read a chart and find out that there are seven Italian companies that have seen revenues grow by up to three thousand per cent in four years .

Seems unreal but it is the study of Deloitte analysts , is called Technology Fast 500 and lists the companies that have grown faster in areas related to innovation.

All live on the social? The italian app

app-storeThe 2016 will be the year of personal video streaming.

Daniele and his team have created an app that will allow everyone to go live on the social.

Daniele is 40 years old, living in America for 17 years. After an international experience at the Washington World Bank decides to do a start-up.

Who is the italian startupper?

startupperThe identikit of italian startupper: high education and experience in the middle.

The Research “La voce delle startup” #ISvoice, carried out by Italia Startup  shows the characteristics of those who create innovative companies in Italy.

More than 66 % of the founder is aged between 30 and 49 years and a master’s degree , postgraduate or doctorate.